Global Private Banking

Global Private Banking is one of the largest international private banks and has been helping clients to make the most of their wealth for more than 150 years. We work with business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives and their families to preserve, manage and grow their wealth.

Global Private Banking provides tailored wealth management, business and family succession services to high-net-worth individuals and their families in the largest and fastest-growing markets around the world. We help them to:

  • Grow their wealth, by harnessing HSBC’s global expertise in areas such as financing, investment management and wealth planning
  • Manage their wealth over the long term, through services from lending and wealth management to complex wealth structuring
  • Preserve their wealth, by designing and implementing plans to allow clients to sustain their wealth across generations

Opportunities in Global Private Banking

皇冠最新网址hg0088The nature and international scope of Global Private Banking’s work means we can offer a range of interesting and challenging careers. Our people include accountants, lawyers, trust officers and investment advisers as well as relationship managers.

Our relationship managers work with
high-net-worth individuals to help themachieve their financial and personal goals

They often work closely with successful business leaders, helping them to manage both their professional and personal finances and advising on complex issues such as succession planning and philanthropic activities.

Our client-facing relationship management teams are central to what we do. They work with high-net-worth individuals to understand their circumstances and create a wealth management strategy to help them achieve their financial and personal goals. They need excellent people skills. As well as building and maintaining close links with clients, relationship managers need to be able to challenge them and may have to deal with sensitive issues linked to family finances.

皇冠最新网址hg0088Our relationship managers are supported in their work with clients by a series of specialist teams. They operate in areas including:

  • Investment. The investment team helps to advise clients on the most appropriate investment strategies and products and assesses how the bank should best invest private client funds
  • Wealth planning. Our wealth planning teams help clients analyse their wealth planning needs, often working with a client’s other advisers. They guide clients in the establishment of appropriate holding structures for their assets, taking into account factors such as business ownership, succession planning, family governance and philanthropic objectives
  • Credit advisory. Our credit teams include advisers who help clients to identify and obtain borrowing facilities that meet their needs, as well as credit risk specialists
  • Product development. This team works on the development, due diligence and distribution of suitable financial products for private clients, including the structuring of products from other parts of HSBC

皇冠最新网址hg0088As part of our work with business owners, our people engage teams from HSBC’s other Global Businesses, including Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets. This collaboration may provide the opportunity for career progression in other parts of HSBC as well as within Global Private Banking.

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Explore our programmes

Global Private Banking Internship

In your penultimate year at university? Get to know our Private Banking business through our competitively paid ten-week internship.

Global Private Banking Graduate Programme

Support a diverse mix of high net-worth clients as you build your international network on our two-year Global Private Banking Graduate Programme.

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Technology, Operations and Services

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