Health and safety

At HSBC, we are committed to providing a safe physical environment for our customers and employees as well as those who work with us. We aim always to meet the minimum health and safety standards required by law wherever we operate and, where reasonably practical, to exceed them.

皇冠最新网址hg0088Everyone at HSBC has a responsibility for helping to create a safe working environment. Employees are expected to take ownership of their safety and are encouraged and empowered to report any concerns.

Chief Operating Officers have overall responsibility for ensuring that the correct policies, procedures and safeguards are put into practice. This includes making sure that everyone in HSBC has access to appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision.

HSBC is committed to the effective delivery and continual improvement of our health and safety management system and will ensure that:

  • Health and safety is part of the core values of management and leadership teams
  • Appropriate resources are provided to meet our health and safety commitments
  • All health and safety risks are assessed, managed and escalated according to the HSBC risk management framework
  • Appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision is provided to our people
  • Employees can raise safety issues and concerns with their line managers, through their facilities management team, in HSBC Exchange meetings, or through the whistle blower disclosure line (HSBC Confidential)
  • Non-HSBC employees can raise safety issues and concerns either with the branch manager or any HSBC employee
  • Performance is monitored and reviewed at regular intervals

Putting our commitment into practice

We have recently undertaken three major global projects to help us understand the risks we face, educate and inform our staff, and improve the buildings in which we operate. We have:

  • Concluded a survey of earthquake resilience in more than 1,500 HSBC buildings located in countries at medium to high risk of earthquakes
  • Carried out more than 250 asbestos surveys in countries without bans or controls on the use of the potentially harmful material
  • Completed more than 1,800 fire risk assessments of our buildings around the world

We continue to assess the changing environment in which we operate. We stand ready to take the action needed to meet our commitments and respond to new and emerging risks.

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